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The Rest is Weight

Shortlisted for the 2013 Queensland Literary Awards, Steele Rudd Award for an Australian Short Story Collection

Longlisted for the 2013 Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award

"A writer of extraordinary range and imagination." - Cate Kennedy

A GIRL SEARCHES for her lost grandmother while her parents quarrel at home; a young architect finds herself entangled by a strange commission; a man contemplates inertia after toxic fallout changes life in a remote Australian town; a woman imagines a mother's love for her autistic son.

The award-winning stories in The Rest is Weight reflect Jennifer Mills' years in Central Australia, as well as her travels to Mexico, Russia and China. Sometimes dreamy and hypnotic, sometimes dark, comic and wry, Mills weaves themes of longing, alienation, delusion, resilience, and love. Collected or on their own, these stories are both a joy and a wonder to read.

"By shifting, in subtle ways, the ground beneath our feet, Mills also allows our certainties about what is concrete and tangible - about the world in which we believe we're living - to fall away, and we find ourselves immersed in spaces that are - disconcertingly - both recognisable and inexplicable.

"Every word Mills writes seems deliberately placed, and her writing manages to be both precise and rich in subtext... this is writing that sings."

- Canberra Times

"Sharp as acid, surreal, dreamy, other-worldly, bitingly familiar, so Australian and wickedly entertaining."

- Geelong Advertiser

"It's immediately clear that we're in the hands of a professional writer, a craftsperson who cares deeply for language and for her characters. Mills is a poet, and this is evident in the cool brevity and precision of the words she chooses... thoughtful and filmic, the language is nattily coiled, and the stories have depth."

- The Australian

"[A] skilled and exacting collection... daring, unsettling and assured."

- The Sydney Morning Herald

"One by one, the characters take us into their interior worlds, casting us loose within a universe scarred by unease... it's almost impossible to put down. Mills is a compelling storyteller with her own defined style and unflinching eye; her finely crafted words become salve for the wounds."

- The Age

"Fearless... I am rather surprised this book hasn't been greeted more noisily. Nam Le lifted the bar, but Jennifer Mills has certainly risen to it, with a tough, unsentimental grace and storytelling gifts to burn."

- The Ember

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Sydney Morning Herald Best Young Australian Novelist - 2012

"Sometimes, as a critic, all you want to do is thrust a book into someone's hands and say, "Read this."

"Gone is a plaintive, intense, and staggering novel, and it sets the bar high for Australian fiction in 2011."

- Canberra Times

There can be no straight road home.

A young man is released from a Sydney prison, his hands empty, his identity gone. He catches a southbound train out of town then hitchhikes west. He hasn't been home for fifteen years.

For days Frank rides the highway through an unforgiving landscape, surviving on what he finds and the kindness of strangers. As he edges closer to a home he struggles to remember, his boyhood looms. Out of the past, something is coming that will tear through his fragile hold.

Chilling, haunting, suspenseful, Gone is a journey into one man's splintered world.

"Mills has composed a highly original and sophisticated piece of fiction."

- The Sydney Morning Herald

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The Diamond Anchor

An unexpected letter from her childhood friend Grace forces May to relive their extraordinary past and confront the events that drove them apart fifty years earlier.

May's father won the Diamond Anchor, a dilapidated pub perched on the ocean's edge, in a game of cards - a gamble which positioned her at the heart of the close-knit community for seventy years, and gave her custody of its stories.

Now, trying to maintain a careful balance between the demands of the collapsing building and her own solitary life, May must decide whether to reach out to Grace, whose health is fading, or let her go.

With all the humour and storytelling of small-town life, The Diamond Anchor is a brilliant tale of the places and relationships that define us.

"Mills writes with great restraint and sensitivity... [an] assured debut."

- Australian Book Review

"Deftly, sympathetically and with a wry sureness of tone, she delineates locale, evokes scenery, conjures a community so real its members come and go like familiars, and captures with relish the idiosyncratic speech rhythms of each one of them... Just the ticket."

- The Australian

"Mills' shapely novel offers the reader many unexpected rewards, not least the seductive lilt of its prose, the often dour humour of its stories and the attractive self-sufficiency of its main character."

- Adelaide Advertiser

"In the character of the tenacious and stoical May McCabe, Mills has given us a publican with whom it's more than agreeable to spend some time."

- Canberra Times

"You close the book left with a rich sense of the place... An engrossing read."

- Alice Springs News

"Mills writes beautifully, creating details with skill, scenes with a lightness of touch, and dialogue that is natural. ****"

- Bookseller and Publisher

"A beautifully written tale of friendship, family and secrets set in the Northern Illawarra. An impressive first novel"

- Illawarra Mercury

"I couldn't put this book down until I had read the whole story, until I got all the answers. The writing is evocative and fresh and the characters well drawn. All the threads of the many levels of storytelling, true or false, travel together at a wonderful pace to a great ending."

- Matilda

"Toughly lyrical, clean cut but able to incite smoke, mist and seascape to deliver colour and sensuality at an instant. The effects are quietly intoxicating... Her writing of country is quietly, sombrely magnificent, and her intelligent braiding together of politics of several kinds with their histories and her characters is impressive. This is somebody to keep watching."

- Reeling & Writhing

Treading Earth

just past this village
where the road turns
the reedbed of breath begins to sing

"Treading Earth is Jennifer Mills' first book of poetry. Its strength and muscularity mark it as a book which will be remembered not only because they are remarkable in a first book, but because they so easily deliver the original vision and clarity of the poet."

(ebook - $2+)

Treading Earth was shortlisted in the 2008 Press Press chapbook competition and originally published by PressPress in 2009 - ebook published by the author in 2011.

Strike Anywhere / La Fosforera

stunted children
leap for the wisp of benediction
that lifts, pink, into the cabled sky

Originally handmade as a limited edition run of 52 matchbox zines, this bilingual collection of poems in Spanish and English was written after travels in North and Central America in 2008. From the volcanic mountains of Guatemala to the streets of old Havana, the monstrous belly of Mexico City to the markets of Chiapas, it is a compact collection with a powerful fire at its heart.

(ebook - $2+)

The Rest is Weight Gone The Diamond Anchor Treading Earth Strike Anywhere/La Fosforera