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May-June fiction podcast: The World Muscles In, part 2

“I’m going to be sawn in half…” Into three parts actually. Here is part 2 of The World Muscles In: [display_podcast] Thanks for listening/sharing. I should have part 3 up late next week. go to part one go to part three

koalas, encouragements

Just returned from Melbourne to 42 degrees and broken air conditioning. I was visiting for the opening of Arlene Textaqueen’s new show, Naked Landscapes of Victoria, which is open til the 12th December and includes this portrait of me: "The Giant Koala" (JenJen), Dadswells Bridge (2009)Originally uploaded by arlene textaqueenit’s already sold – you have […]

on releasing it into the wild

Avoiding the Piece of Cake today because it’s so very nearly finished that I’m starting to get a little afraid of it. I’m really excited about this new book and keen to let it go. I’m also questioning it a lot now that it’s getting too late to change things. That’s bringing up all these […]