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Bookshelf & greenhouse

I’m talking about The Airways and my favourite subject, reading, today on The Bookshelf on Radio National. This interview was recorded while I was stranded last year – thank you to Kate Evans at RN for speaking with me, and for your enthusiasm about the book. I enjoy talking about my own writing, but I […]


There is an extraordinary review of The Airways up in the Sydney Review of Books this week by Oliver Reeson. I love their excitement about the book, of course, but I also think it’s just a brilliant piece of writing in itself – on bodies, the gaze and power, and what queer literature can do. […]

Between borders

After flight cancellations, two months in limbo, and a desperate rush to get home by the only means available, I find myself at the Centre for National Resilience in Howard Springs – not home, but somewhere closer to it. I have joked that we are like packages held up in customs, being contained, inspected, and […]

The Airways – Online launch

The permanent link for the online launch of The Airways is up at Youtube. Thanks to everyone who came to the livestream! It was great to see all your comments. Want to hear more about the book? You can catch me at Northern Books on Sunday, listen to an interview with The Book Show on […]