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Against productivity

Here is a picture of my fancy standing desk, shoebox/dictionary edition. The title of this post is ironic, or possibly a declaration of longing. I’ve been a bit busy. It does mean I have some more work out in the world. The melancholic background is a new post for Overland, on grief, Judith Butler, and […]


I have a new post up today at Meanjin on the changing of the seasons and some of the things the pandemic has been doing to time: In the first days of the restrictions easing it was a delight to chat with the wonderful Astrid Edwards for the State Library of Victoria‘s series of author […]

Care and counting

Hello from day 35 of lockdown in Italy. I’ve been taking some time to rest and be offline this long weekend, but here’s a quick update just to add links to a couple of articles I’ve written from the inside of this strange container: Agents of Care, in Overland – on war analogies, and the […]

Lockdown solidarity

Life comes at you fast, as they say. I’m sitting on the terrace of my apartment in Torino, writing, while H is inside teaching children through a screen. I haven’t left the house for a week. Outside, everything is closed except essential services. I can hear the garbage removalists downstairs, the lifting and closing of […]