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Writing for tomorrow

Due to popular demand my address to the Living Landscapes festival, ‘Writing for Tomorrow,’ is now free to read online at Vitalstatistix. Thanks again to Writers SA and City of Port Adelaide Enfield for the invitation to speak, and to all who were involved with this wonderful event at Yerta Bulti. Thanks also to Vitals […]

Aurealis Awards (and more)

Happy news today: The Airways has been shortlisted for the Aurealis awards! This is my second book to be shortlisted for an Aurealis and my first in the category of horror. Being between all the things – genre included – means you sometimes slip through the cracks, so it is really wonderful to see this […]


So 2022 has had time to settle in and is starting to take a pretty exciting shape. A few announcements: The first is that I’m joining the team at VITALSTATISTIX as Artist in Residence for 2022. I’ll be writing, thinking and doing some advocacy/activism on the issues of art/writing and precarious labour, participating in the […]

Bookshelf & greenhouse

I’m talking about The Airways and my favourite subject, reading, today on The Bookshelf on Radio National. This interview was recorded while I was stranded last year – thank you to Kate Evans at RN for speaking with me, and for your enthusiasm about the book. I enjoy talking about my own writing, but I […]