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Queensland Literary Awards

I’m very pleased to share the news that The Rest is Weight has been shortlisted for the Queensland Literary Awards! The Steele Rudd Award is the only prize in Australia dedicated to short story collections, so I’m stoked to be on this list, and in such great company. It’s been a very strong year for […]

From the eye of the storm to the heart of the emerging writer (via Brooklyn)

I am back home from Eye of the Storm in Alice Springs, and feeling recharged from a spell in the desert full of engaging conversations, joyful reunions, fascinating panels, and a little bit of resting beside Ellery Creek. I was honoured to be a guest in my old stomping ground and I want to thank […]


Although it’s seven weeks since I got out of sleep lab, I still feel like I’m just waking up. Partly it’s the mayhem known in Adelaide as Mad March. Forums, panels, workshops, concerts, and one or two late nights at the Barrio… I wasn’t even booked for much, but somehow ended up being caught in […]

July fiction podcast: The Shipping Views

There are some photos up from the launch of The Rest is Weight at my flickr (slideshow below) and you can read all about it at Jane Gleeson-White’s blog. It’s great to have evidence of the event, as these things tend to pass in something of a blur for the author (it was an appreciative […]