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Becoming South Australian

It’s been a busy week here in Adelaide, where my partner and I have moved for six months – a dose of transitional urbanisation before we head to Beijing (for her work) at the end of July. All of the festivals descend on the city at once in February/March, and it’s wonderful to see the […]


Things are winding down for the year, and it appears my brain has decided to knock off early, but before it does I have managed to come to the end of a first-ish draft of the new book. Granted, it is mostly scaffolding, but now at least I feel capable of building something. I was […]

special offerings

One of the many best things about this job is getting to meet and listen to writers you admire. I have just come down from a cloud of Sydney Writers Festival events which stimulated, nourished, and confused me. Yes, confused. It is still a big overwhelming event and can be alienating. I have been thinking […]


i’ve added my first book of poems, Treading Earth, to smashwords here as a pay-what-you-like download. it was first published by PressPress, “probably the smallest publisher in the known universe,” but has now gone out of print – you can still buy one from me if you ask nicely though. interesting times for ebooks. seems […]