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on walking away

September means it’s time to sign up to New Matilda‘s subscriber list – a very small monthly payment which will not only pay you back in independent media gold all year long, but also shower you with gifts and make you laugh the self-satisfied laughter of the well-informed citizen. I have been quiet on the […]


i’ve added my first book of poems, Treading Earth, to smashwords here as a pay-what-you-like download. it was first published by PressPress, “probably the smallest publisher in the known universe,” but has now gone out of print – you can still buy one from me if you ask nicely though. interesting times for ebooks. seems […]

like independent media?

here’s the fundraising drive you’ve been waiting for.

new new new matilda

i am glad to be part of the comeback. and glad to see there’s no paywall – though it does mean you can look forward to my repeated humbugging here and everywhere else to get behind the fundraising drive, when it appears on monday. meanwhile, go team!