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Wrestling crocs

An article about internet addicted authors has been doing the rounds of the internet, where it is mainly read by authors who are addicted to articles that make them feel guilty for not writing ALL THE TIME. These kind of articles tend to use phrases like intense focus a lot. Apparently a writing desk is […]

On Gender and Voice

The following is a guest post I wrote for Shelleyrae at Book’d out who was kind enough to feature The Rest is Weight on her blog (thanks Shelleyrae!) and which I am cross-posting here with her permission. There’s a related post on the Australian Women Writers challenge here. As a young writer, you often get […]

On Books and Gender

This year, I’m taking the AWW challenge to read books by Australian women writers. I’ve read ten without reviewing any, and wanted to set down some thoughts – not as a review, but as a sort of pre-review purge and audit of the status of women, at least in my reading list. It’s turned out […]