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Magnificent Seven

This is a talk I gave at the Emerging Writers Festival on the weekend, an event in which myself and the other Ambassadors were asked to give seven pieces of advice we wished we’d had when we were embryonic writerlings. A few people asked, so I’m sharing it here in full. Thanks EWF for inviting […]

special offerings

One of the many best things about this job is getting to meet and listen to writers you admire. I have just come down from a cloud of Sydney Writers Festival events which stimulated, nourished, and confused me. Yes, confused. It is still a big overwhelming event and can be alienating. I have been thinking […]

in precarious weather

this via bookninja has comforted me immensely, particularly the following points: 24 The writing life, like life in general, has a sacramental and a secretarial side. As years pass and duties accrue, the secretarial, clerical mode can grow like a lymphoma and start to squeeze life from the sacramental. 25 So learn to be irresponsible […]

EWF reader: Critical Gratitude

I just got my Emerging Writers Festival reader in the mail. hooray for writerly advice and emergentsia in-jokes! i’m reposting my piece from the reader below, with permission. Critical Gratitude “If you promote yourself, you will have no success.”– Lao Tzu Your dream has come true. Your debut novel is in the shops, you’ve been […]