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itchy teeth

time has been slow here, but now it is certain: my days at 57 Department of Internal Affairs Street are numbered. after going through the ups and downs of a solo residency, from crushed-out excitement to awful loneliness, through all the novelties and frustrations of working in a strange environment as a near-mute illiterate, i […]

extravagant thoughts

this afternoon i read a sign which advised me not to allow my thoughtfulness to become extravagant, lest it damage my spleen, so i will keep this post unambitious. the sign was in temple of earth park, a few blocks north of here, where there is a medicinal garden. i mostly went there to break […]

bookworm event

my reading on the couch at the Bookworm is on WED 20 October, 7:30pm and it’s FREE so do come by if you happen to be in Beijing. today’s global times carries a nice article about it which says it’s on Thursday, but don’t listen to them. see? i am huge in china. that terrible […]

china, i love you

for all your human rights violations, repressive censorship regimes and mysterious postal vortexes, you truly are a great nation.