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This is me before Australian Writers Week in China. The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind (or should I say a whirly-whirly). I spoke at four different universities, two of which were in Inner Mongolia; I met translators, publishers, and writers from China and the world; I learned ten thousand things about China […]

Three thousand hours

I am about to embark on the process of listening to myself read the finished draft of my book while I scrape and scrub and plaster my way through repairing the house ahead of our move to Adelaide. Six days into the year and already great changes are afoot! I have a good feeling about […]

The Horse has Landed

Home at last after a month on the road, to unwrap this beautiful creature: and now I understand why everyone keeps telling me how much they love the cover. I’ve stolen today’s post title from the note attached by my wonderful editor at UQP, Rebecca Roberts, who wrapped this book so carefully it was like […]

Cover for The Rest is Weight!

At last we have artist permissions etc and I am able to share the magnificent cover for my third (!) book, The Rest is Weight. With no further ado: Design is by Design by Committee, who also did that fabulous job with The Diamond Anchor. Artwork is an installation by Maurizio Cattelan. I love it […]