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On Classics

This is a cross-posting of a guest post for Australian Women Writers – please leave comments there! My previous posts about the AWW2012 reading challenge can be found here and here. “Used with great caution and suspicion, a literary canon, a list of significance, may have some use in guiding and informing inexperienced readers, but […]

On Gender and Voice

The following is a guest post I wrote for Shelleyrae at Book’d out who was kind enough to feature The Rest is Weight on her blog (thanks Shelleyrae!) and which I am cross-posting here with her permission. There’s a related post on the Australian Women Writers challenge here. As a young writer, you often get […]

On Books and Gender

This year, I’m taking the AWW challenge to read books by Australian women writers. I’ve read ten without reviewing any, and wanted to set down some thoughts – not as a review, but as a sort of pre-review purge and audit of the status of women, at least in my reading list. It’s turned out […]