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War poets, open letters, and other animals

A quick post ahead of this week’s no-doubt-hectic-as-ever Sydney Writers Festival. If you’re in town, I’ll be at Sombre the Night Is: The Poetry of the Great War reading and talking about the continuing resonance of war poetry, and at The Big Read for the announcement of the Best Young Australian Novelists of 2014, for […]

Becoming South Australian

It’s been a busy week here in Adelaide, where my partner and I have moved for six months – a dose of transitional urbanisation before we head to Beijing (for her work) at the end of July. All of the festivals descend on the city at once in February/March, and it’s wonderful to see the […]

a name by any other rose

Back in South Australia, and the rhythm of the countryside takes over. Chopping firewood and plugging draughts. Protecting the young garden from frost, pruning the fruit trees. Farmers talking about the last days of wheat seeding, anxiously watching the sky. Early nights and plenty of baking. A black-shouldered kite hovers over the paddock next door, […]