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This is me before Australian Writers Week in China. The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind (or should I say a whirly-whirly). I spoke at four different universities, two of which were in Inner Mongolia; I met translators, publishers, and writers from China and the world; I learned ten thousand things about China […]

From the eye of the storm to the heart of the emerging writer (via Brooklyn)

I am back home from Eye of the Storm in Alice Springs, and feeling recharged from a spell in the desert full of engaging conversations, joyful reunions, fascinating panels, and a little bit of resting beside Ellery Creek. I was honoured to be a guest in my old stomping ground and I want to thank […]


i’ve added my first book of poems, Treading Earth, to smashwords here as a pay-what-you-like download. it was first published by PressPress, “probably the smallest publisher in the known universe,” but has now gone out of print – you can still buy one from me if you ask nicely though. interesting times for ebooks. seems […]

on racism in alice

i have a new article up on new matilda about racism in alice springs. i hope it stimulates some practical discussion.