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Artists Organise!

Only two weeks to go until ARTISTS ORGANISE! and I can’t wait. The event is already sparking lots of exciting conversations and making connections between people who are working, thinking and organising at the intersection of artists and unions. Come along if you’re in Kaurna country, it is going to be a great afternoon of discussion and action.

Artwork by Hollie Moly

Please register at the above link and if you can’t make it in person, keep an eye out for details to access the livestream or recording (we are still working this out). And don’t miss Sam Wallman’s book launch on the 30th July at Semaphore Workers too!

On this issue, today I sent off my submission to the National Cultural Policy consultation. I am sharing it online so that others can use it to draft their own: For a National Cultural Policy that supports artists and writers as essential workers.

Please feel free to share it around on your socials, or with anyone you think might find it useful. After a decade of really tough times for working artists and writers, I am choosing to believe, optimism-of-the-will style, that this is a genuine opportunity to have our voices heard and push for some lasting change, so the more submissions we can make the better.

Hoping to have more writing-related news soonish – watch this space 🙂