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Between borders

After flight cancellations, two months in limbo, and a desperate rush to get home by the only means available, I find myself at the Centre for National Resilience in Howard Springs – not home, but somewhere closer to it. I have joked that we are like packages held up in customs, being contained, inspected, and tested. Actually, it feels something like a detention centre, though the conditions here are certainly better than Australia’s immigration detention facilities. I have been reading Anwen Crawford’s extraordinary book No Document, which has been hauntologically fitting in here – I highly recommend reading it, wherever you happen to be.

In other news, some excellent reviews of The Airways have been appearing – most recently, this amazing review from Amy Baillieu in the Australian Review of Books, which selected The Airways as its “Book of the Week”, and a fantastic half-page review from Diane Stubbings in The Australian. Both these publications are paywalled. I can’t find a link to the Australian’s review online, but I have added some choice quotes from these reviews to the book’s page.

I also did a little Q+A with ABR for their Open Page section, which you can read here.

Heading back to Adelaide by way of the Stuart Highway once we are released from this place on Tuesday. I’ll write about the experience elsewhere, but here are a few images to give you an idea of what it’s like in here. It is a close approximation of the place to which I had the residents of Clapstone relocated by the fictional “Department of Sustainable Communities” at the end of Dyschronia. Surreal, dystopian, and eerily familiar…