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The Airways cover reveal…

Ok, I am VERY very excited to share this with you:

The Airways book cover, posed on a starry background. The Airways in bold white capitals on a dark background with blue and pink swirls resembling air or clouds

This beautiful cover for THE AIRWAYS was designed by Tristan Main at Picador. And what a stellar piece of work it is. I cannot wait to hold it in my hands.

This means The Airways is going to print in a few weeks! Copies will be finding their way into Australian bookshops by the 1st August, but until they do, the book is already available for pre-order at the links provided (some databases will take a little more time to update than others).

Please support your independent book retailer. And don’t forget that asking your local library to stock a book is another great way to support the author.

Thanks for your attention, dear friends and readers. Watch this space for launch news, and all the rest.