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Lockdown 2.0

I wrote something for Overland about Italy’s second wave and the slow return of some of the restrictions. As one of the first regions designated ‘zona rossa’, Piemonte has been under semi-lockdown since the 6th November. It’s a strange time in this uncanny city, caught in the net of pandemic déjà vu. I’m privileged to be haunted by small details, like the Christmas lights that shine over the empty streets. It is horrifying to see health care workers again facing the challenges they faced in the spring.

For me, it’s not so rough – working from home is my normal, and since elementary schools are still open, I still have the place to myself. I am able to go to the park every day, which is a huge help, even if there is now a field hospital being assembled in a corner of it.

There is no getting used to this.

The social isolation is the biggest challenge, especially as the year drags on and the energy flags. Things that have helped include writing, not writing, cooking complicated meals, and this address from the brilliant Maria Tumarkin.

Also: knowing that the first pages of The Airways will be back from the proofreaders any minute now!