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I have a new post up today at Meanjin on the changing of the seasons and some of the things the pandemic has been doing to time:

In the first days of the restrictions easing it was a delight to chat with the wonderful Astrid Edwards for the State Library of Victoria‘s series of author interviews.

Many thanks to Astrid for such a thoughtful interview, and to the SLV crew for making everything run smoothly. Video content is an important access point now, and we all need to get better at it – but our reliance on it does have the effect of reinforcing my commitment to the written word…

Now that many shops and activities have re-opened, and I can go for long walks again, it almost feels like Italy out there, albeit with masks and cautious distancing. In another two weeks the world will expand again, as regional and European borders re-open. It’s hard to know what to do with the time ahead. For all my railing against productivity mindsets during a crisis, I have in fact been quite productive – writing a fair bit of non-fiction and commentary since the lockdown started, and editing The Airways ahead of its Australian release, which is still a while away yet: due in mid-2021. I want to get stuck into the next novel, but I think I will try to have some kind of holiday, since the hardworking teacher I live with is certainly in need of one.

It’s good to feel the future edging back into place, to see the world and the civic life re-materialise around us, but as you can probably tell from a lot of my writing I am keen for it to take a more just, equitable, and ecologically sound form. I am still railing against that productivity mindset, but the pandemic’s also made me feel more determined for change – there is so much work to be done.