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Nuove parole

There’s an interview about Dyschronia in this month’s Adelaide Review.

I had a great time chatting with Walter Marsh for this article. It was a pleasure to be able to speak about the book in depth, and in a specifically South Australian context, before I left the country. Now it is reminding me of the many compelling reasons to strike this Friday:

“We need to create a just transition from a damaging economy to a sustainable economy, and we need to do that while we look after workers and give people retraining and reskilling, and create a whole economy around care – care for the environment and care for each other. And I don’t see Australia moving in that direction yet.”

This time I’ll be joining the actions in a new place.

Though claiming in the above article to be based in the Clare Valley, I have since moved to Torino, Italy with my partner, who is working here for a couple of years. We’ve been here a month and are still getting settled (househunting in a language you barely speak is a hell of a challenge!) but enjoying the city so far. It is a curious place, rich with second-hand bookshops, cinemas, piazzas, wonderful food, and excitable students returning from their summer break. There is an uncanny quality to the city that makes me feel at home, and aperitivo culture is certainly agreeable. I have no idea what living here will do to my writing – but I’m interested to find out.

Mole Antonelliana reflected in modern buildingJennifer Mills smiling with a drinkPanino with Calvino: reading Palomar in the park

A belated but no less heartfelt congratulations to this year’s Miles Franklin award winner, Melissa Lucashenko – I was so thrilled to be able to be there to hear her speech, which had me (quietly) stamping my feet in the back row! I interviewed Melissa at Adelaide Writers Week earlier in the year; here is the podcast in case you missed it. It was wonderful to discuss class, trauma, laughter, reparations, Aboriginal storytelling, socialism, and karate with such a generous, smart and fierce human being, and it makes me so happy that her work is getting the attention it deserves.