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Mentors at FWF

The Feminist Writers Festival is coming up next weekend and I’ll be appearing on Sunday 27th at this event:

Mentoring Feminists, Mentoring Writers
Queen Victoria Women’s Centre Victoria Room, 12–2pm

“Mentoring is a critical part of the creative life, but something women and non-binary writers are often excluded from. Without mentoring, writers and artists can miss out on important networks or opportunities; sometimes, it can be hard to even get a foot in the door.

In this session, hear from writers and editors Jennifer Mills, Natalie Kon-Yu and Jacinda Woodhead about the importance of active mentoring in the creative arts.”

It’s going to be a great session. Tickets are selling fast, but you can still get yours here.

Yesterday I dropped into the ABC studios in Adelaide for a wonderful chat with Deb Tribe about my work – you can listen online via their website.