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The time has come!* Dyschronia is in all the best bookshops, in paperback and epub. Here is a pic of me sneaking in a quick signing at Dymocks in Adelaide:

There is a funny story about Stephen King doing this in Alice Springs and getting into trouble. I must be somewhat stealthier than Stephen King though, because nobody noticed. (Except H, who took the photo.)

Here is a smashing first review in The Australian – it’s paywalled, but I have extracted some choice quotes:

‘There is a poetry in Mills’s writing that shimmers like desert air — “The infinite glistens in the minute” — and in her storytelling, in the way she captures the moods of time, there is something mystical…’

‘This is a novel that is daring, original and ambitious. And in its near-apocalyptic vision, there’s an awful beauty but also a cautious hope.’

A dream start for a book that has caused its fair share of nightmares! And not just for me, if early reader feedback is anything to go by…

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

In March, I’ll be making a couple of author appearances at Adelaide Writers Week – it’s a fantastic program this year and I hope to see you there! Until then, keep an eye out for more reviews and interviews over the next few weeks. I will keep this blog updated regularly but you can also follow me on twitter if you want the latest.

Oh, and the folks at Picador made this cool gif:

If you look at it for a while, then look at the book, the cover starts to move. I swear it’s not just me.

*(What is time, though? And where from?)