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Shiny new year

What a joy it was to arrive home to a box of these marvelous, glittering beauties:

Dyschronia in print

H and I have just spent three weeks driving around Tasmania and Victoria, visiting some stunning national parks and some of our favourite national people. We hiked the Three Capes track over xmas, spotted Tassie devils in the wild, swam in cold southern seas, investigated a few distilleries, saw in the new year with old friends, and very gracefully fell into a wombat hole while picking raspberries. (Ok, that last one was just me.) I am glad to be home, energised and restored, and ready to get back to work.

This gleaming creature is already swimming out into the world and by the 1st February will be waiting in a bookshop near you. It feels fitting that the release date for Dyschronia coincides with a super lunar eclipse. It has been a transformative book in many ways, some of them painful – a lesson in holding fast to one’s vision, even when it seems impossible.

I can’t wait for you to read it.