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March fiction podcast: Moth

The edits are finished for The Rest is Weight and I’m just about to get proofs and covers sorted out. Will post the cover here when it is ready. I am thrilled to be getting another book out so soon, partly because it’s helping me avoid suffering in the form of the second draft of a novel, but mostly because I love short stories and everyone tells me it’s quite hard to get a collection published. Editing the stories was enjoyable, far easier than a novel, since there were no big structural thoughts to carry around in my head. But the stories span about seven years, so there was a bit of sadness and nostalgia involved too.

Being able to go back and alter old work felt quite cheeky – the temptation is there to rewrite history and change them into the kind of stories I would write now (a temptation I mostly avoided). It also took a few tries to get the order right. It is just like trying to make a perfect mixtape – an impossible feat, no doubt, but you work at it because it matters. I hope I have created something you’ll like when it comes out in July.
on your marks

Today is apparently World Read Aloud Day, and a new podcast is overdue, so I thought I’d read you a story from the book. This is Moth, which originally appeared in New Australian Stories 2.


If you’re interested in more short stories you should check out this post from Paddy O’Reilly, and buy one or all of those books she lists, as well as her own amazing collection, The End of the World. And definitely check out (by which i mean subscribe to) the new magazine Review of Australian Fiction, which will be publishing a new story of mine towards the end of the year – so new I haven’t written it yet!