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great walls

i send my possibly-pictureless greetings from behind the great firewall of china! i have been struggling a little with the restriction of online sources and images… pretty much no video and nothing run by blogger, nor tumblr – but my (wp) blog is still working, along with most of my radical news sources. in china’s defence, most people in the west have voluntarily submitted to a restricted (and monitored) internet by using FB. people like smaller, more predictable versions of the internet, right? too much freedom is scary.

i am tucked up in my little hutong in dengshikou for the next six weeks, my wife has gone home and after covering about 15,000km of railway track since mid august, i suddenly have nowhere to go. so i am going to try to engage in a more disciplined blogging regime, if not daily, then at least several times a week, in order to stave off the loneliness and justify my existence to the funding bodies, viz: Asialink, who are sponsoring my trip.

i just went to the police station to be registered as a resident foreigner in my neighbourhood, which was mystifying and involved some stamping of paperwork from nice but professionally disinterested police ladies who were wearing what looked like police pyjamas. i have a business card from the “Exit-Entry Administration Division of Dong Cheng District Sub-Bureau of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau” which also urges me not to become a prostitute.

i think this town is going to provide plenty to write home about.