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teetering on the play-saw

happy new year, gentle reader. i am feeling excited about 2010 and more than a little daunted. There is a lot on the agenda. In February i’m going to Hobart for a two-week residency. In March I’ll be in Berlin collaborating with choreographer and good friend, noha ramadan. and later in the year there will be more international travel (which i’m not sure i can talk about here yet). I’m glad i decided not to write a book this year, cause i wouldn’t have had time.

i will write another book of course, i’m just not starting straight away. i’ve decided to make room for other projects – i felt like i got the work-life balance right in 2009 and now i want to work on the work-play balance. have been fooling around with these paint-swatch poems and will be dabbling in some audio projects. after the slog of finishing The Passenger i want to feel like i’m being creative again, instead of pushing sentences around with a ruler.

oh, not that i’ve finished TP. but it’s very close. i just printed it out (spent about six hours wrestling with the printer – after three rounds with a knitting needle it coughed up an ancient paperwad then promptly ran out of ink) and it’s sitting on my desk, looking slightly more substantial than before. another read-through and then i send it off to the Substantiality Office. so this year will also mean editing, if all goes well. hmm, no big deal, it’s only the Piece of Cake, right? Right.

Drove home to alice yesterday after a month’s holidays in SA and Sydney. the drive up was easy, listening to the audiobook of Breath and marvelling at Tim Winton’s genius for awkward moments. Stopped on the way for a dip in the Finke which was flowing (stronger than my swim stroke, which isn’t saying much). Not every day you get to take a dip in the world’s oldest river. it was a good season. The desert is so green it looks like the tropics, and everyone on the Stuart Highway is smiling (quite an achievement). Driving into Alice i felt like i’d put on Emerald City goggles. We even have a smattering of lawn in the backyard.

damn, it’s good to be home, again. my partner is rehearsing this week for her performance at the Adelaide Fringe and i’m slipping back into work mode. Definitely back in blog mode, anyway.

PS Miscellaneous press is putting together an anthology of blog writing, which is brave and wonderful, and i’m in it, so keep an eye out for that one.