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Care and counting

Hello from day 35 of lockdown in Italy. I’ve been taking some time to rest and be offline this long weekend, but here’s a quick update just to add links to a couple of articles I’ve written from the inside of this strange container: Agents of Care, in Overland – on war analogies, and the […]

Lockdown solidarity

Life comes at you fast, as they say. I’m sitting on the terrace of my apartment in Torino, writing, while H is inside teaching children through a screen. I haven’t left the house for a week. Outside, everything is closed except essential services. I can hear the garbage removalists downstairs, the lifting and closing of […]

More climate fictions

I was asked last week to write an essay about Australian climate fiction for the Danish weekly Weekendavisen, it’s here if you happen to read Danish: Katastrofen og Litteraturen If you don’t, never fear! The English-language version of the essay is now up at LitHub. It contains a good but non-comprehensive reading list on the […]

A quick fire-related update

I was invited to write an opinion piece for the Washington Post about the Australian bushfire crisis, which you can read here: In fire-ravaged Australia, climate denial goes up in smoke And here is an easily accessible Climate Council report on the link between bushfires and greenhouse gas emissions, in case you or any folks […]