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Category Archives: work-life balance

Magnificent Seven

This is a talk I gave at the Emerging Writers Festival on the weekend, an event in which myself and the other Ambassadors were asked to give seven pieces of advice we wished we’d had when we were embryonic writerlings. A few people asked, so I’m sharing it here in full. Thanks EWF for inviting […]

Wrestling crocs

An article about internet addicted authors has been doing the rounds of the internet, where it is mainly read by authors who are addicted to articles that make them feel guilty for not writing ALL THE TIME. These kind of articles tend to use phrases like intense focus a lot. Apparently a writing desk is […]

on walking away

September means it’s time to sign up to New Matilda‘s subscriber list – a very small monthly payment which will not only pay you back in independent media gold all year long, but also shower you with gifts and make you laugh the self-satisfied laughter of the well-informed citizen. I have been quiet on the […]

salt and sydney

well, moving states really exhausts both energy and finances! i have been neglecting my blog in favour of scratching together some paid writing (i am very available for hire) and trying to find the old work-life balance in the new life. which has been pretty much upside-down since China. this week is the first time […]