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march short story podcast: plain indians

this is what happens when you realise no-one has written a western about bush regeneration, and dare yourself to be the first:

january short story podcast: prospect

here’s a new short fiction podcast for you. flood-related and arizona-related. don’t say i’m never topical:

oh, and this story first appeared in meanjin #69.3. share and enjoy.

“september” fiction podcast: the lap

hey! you! don’t forget to support new matilda and overland this week! yes, i know it is actually november. and i promised six stories in six presumably consecutive months. but my dictaphone AND my laptop broke while i was o/s, and i am still doing better than paperradio… anyway, here is the lap, a recording […]

August short story podcast: Roadhouse

This is a truck driving story called ‘Roadhouse’ – an oldie but a bit of a favourite. I’m putting it up because this journey started with a hitch from Alice to Darwin. After two days, only just over halfway, with a flight to catch, we were rescued by a truck driver named Keith who was […]