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Magnificent Seven

This is a talk I gave at the Emerging Writers Festival on the weekend, an event in which myself and the other Ambassadors were asked to give seven pieces of advice we wished we’d had when we were embryonic writerlings. A few people asked, so I’m sharing it here in full. Thanks EWF for inviting […]

Wrestling crocs

An article about internet addicted authors has been doing the rounds of the internet, where it is mainly read by authors who are addicted to articles that make them feel guilty for not writing ALL THE TIME. These kind of articles tend to use phrases like intense focus a lot. Apparently a writing desk is […]

on releasing it into the wild

Avoiding the Piece of Cake today because it’s so very nearly finished that I’m starting to get a little afraid of it. I’m really excited about this new book and keen to let it go. I’m also questioning it a lot now that it’s getting too late to change things. That’s bringing up all these […]