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Although it’s seven weeks since I got out of sleep lab, I still feel like I’m just waking up. Partly it’s the mayhem known in Adelaide as Mad March. Forums, panels, workshops, concerts, and one or two late nights at the Barrio… I wasn’t even booked for much, but somehow ended up being caught in […]

The Horse has Landed

Home at last after a month on the road, to unwrap this beautiful creature: and now I understand why everyone keeps telling me how much they love the cover. I’ve stolen today’s post title from the note attached by my wonderful editor at UQP, Rebecca Roberts, who wrapped this book so carefully it was like […]

koalas, encouragements

Just returned from Melbourne to 42 degrees and broken air conditioning. I was visiting for the opening of Arlene Textaqueen’s new show, Naked Landscapes of Victoria, which is open til the 12th December and includes this portrait of me: "The Giant Koala" (JenJen), Dadswells Bridge (2009)Originally uploaded by arlene textaqueenit’s already sold – you have […]