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Category Archives: activism

on walking away

September means it’s time to sign up to New Matilda‘s subscriber list – a very small monthly payment which will not only pay you back in independent media gold all year long, but also shower you with gifts and make you laugh the self-satisfied laughter of the well-informed citizen. I have been quiet on the […]

burning racehorse

I have been watching, not the London riots as such, but the commentary on the riots, with many exasperated sighs. It does not take a genius to work out what is going on in these communities which have been cut adrift from society. Yet so many commentators seem at a loss. Yes, someone broke the […]


some folks in norway have awarded something very important to someone i am not supposed to mention. when you google him from here, google stops working for a few minutes. euphemism it is. today someone told me that june 4, as it’s called, remains largely undiscussed in china, officially speaking; and that when it’s briefly […]

on racism in alice

i have a new article up on new matilda about racism in alice springs. i hope it stimulates some practical discussion.