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Category Archives: activism

War poets, open letters, and other animals

A quick post ahead of this week’s no-doubt-hectic-as-ever Sydney Writers Festival. If you’re in town, I’ll be at Sombre the Night Is: The Poetry of the Great War reading and talking about the continuing resonance of war poetry, and at The Big Read for the announcement of the Best Young Australian Novelists of 2014, for […]

Reading Ursula Le Guin

Cleaning up my office today, now that it’s cool enough to move again. Found this piece I wrote about Ursula Le Guin’s influence on my writing (perhaps ‘my thinking’ is more accurate), for the NSW Writers Centre magazine’s ‘Writer on Writer’ column. A couple of people asked for it, so I thought I’d share it […]

on walking away

September means it’s time to sign up to New Matilda‘s subscriber list – a very small monthly payment which will not only pay you back in independent media gold all year long, but also shower you with gifts and make you laugh the self-satisfied laughter of the well-informed citizen. I have been quiet on the […]

burning racehorse

I have been watching, not the London riots as such, but the commentary on the riots, with many exasperated sighs. It does not take a genius to work out what is going on in these communities which have been cut adrift from society. Yet so many commentators seem at a loss. Yes, someone broke the […]