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Dyschronia cover


An electrifying novel about an oracle. A small town. And the end of the world as we know it...

One morning, the residents of a small coastal town somewhere in Australia wake to discover the sea has disappeared. One among them has been plagued by troubling visions of this cataclysm for years. Is she a prophet? Does she have a disorder that skews her perception of time? Or is she a gifted and compulsive liar?

Oscillating between the future and the past, Dyschronia is a novel that tantalises and dazzles, as one woman's pescient nightmares become entangled with her town's uncertain fate. Blazing with questions of consciousness, trust, and destiny, this is a wildly imaginative and extraordinary novel from award-winning author Jennifer Mills.


"There is a poetry in Mills's writing that shimmers like desert air — 'the infinite glistens in the minute' — and in her storytelling, in the way she captures the moods of time, there is something mystical...

This is a novel that is daring, original and ambitious."

- The Australian

"Tantalisingly dark... [a] mesmerising take on the future...

At a sentence-by-sentence level, Mills' writing is exquisite; the story pieced together from a delicate web of details."

- The Age/Sydney Morning Herald

"Jennifer Mills’ ambitious third novel casts out in many directions at once, mingling grim environmental warnings and thoughtful sci-fi motifs with an intimate family study and talon-sharp critiques of corporate culture… Mills’ poetic instincts make for some stunning reading."

- The Big Issue

"Mills is a conjurer of evocative language and fantastic imagery with a unique and poetic writing style, some sections of the novel looping time scales to create surreal dreamscapes... [Dyschronia is] ambitious and deserving of a wide audience."

- Kill Your Darlings

"Shockingly good."

- The Saturday Paper