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A quick fire-related update

I was invited to write an opinion piece for the Washington Post about the Australian bushfire crisis, which you can read here:

In fire-ravaged Australia, climate denial goes up in smoke

And here is an easily accessible Climate Council report on the link between bushfires and greenhouse gas emissions, in case you or any folks you know aren’t up to speed on the science.

I am also joining in the #authorsforfireys twitter auction and selling a full set of my Emergency Services prints to raise funds for relief efforts. You can bid in the replies, and the winner will donate the amount to either the CFS Foundation or South Australia’s Emergency Relief fund (your choice!). The auction will end at 10pm on 11 January (AEST). I’ll post to anywhere in the world.

There’s more info about this printmaking project on etsy.

It can be hard to focus on art in the midst of crisis, while feeling so much anger at wasted time and at denialist spin, as well as horror at the scale and impact of these fires. I am frustrated not to be there on a strike team, and feeling for all the volunteer firefighters battling exhaustion and flames to save lives. As well as the terrible loss of life and damage to ecosystems, the trauma and health effects of these fires will be felt for a long time.

It helps to have something useful to do – to write, to help where I can, and to organise. It’s amazing to see so many people offering assistance through initiatives like findabed.info. The generosity and solidarity of ordinary Australians shines through the smoke. The climate emergency has well and truly arrived; it is up to all of us to turn the energy of this moment into the change we need.