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July fiction podcast: The Shipping Views

There are some photos up from the launch of The Rest is Weight at my flickr (slideshow below) and you can read all about it at Jane Gleeson-White’s blog. It’s great to have evidence of the event, as these things tend to pass in something of a blur for the author (it was an appreciative blur). Thank you to all who attended and especially a huge thank you to Madonna Duffy and Paddy O’Reilly for knocking the wind out of me with eloquent praise.

For my July podcast I’ve recorded the story I started reading at the launch, a story set in Sydney and the oldest story in the collection (it dates back to 2004 or 5, just after I left that city behind. Leaving helps). It appeared in the anthology Herding Kites back in 2008, and in a zine before that. I may have said this before, but when I was putting the collection together I had to juggle my perfectionism with the desire to be authentic with my own youthful voice – it was tempting to rewrite history a little, and for the most part I decided to resist that temptation. The Shipping Views is the first story I wrote that made me feel I had access to the magic of the form, and it was only a glimpse. It has moments that seem sentimental to me now, but I’m sentimental enough to keep them. It also has me playing the violin with a folded-up invoice at the end. Enjoy.

In other audio-related news, that plucky publisher Spineless Wonders is taking yet another initiative by offering short fiction audio tracks for download, so you will find me there in audio format soon. In the meantime, get over there and start downloading some great Australian short and micro fiction – the money goes straight to the authors.