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May-June fiction podcast: The World Muscles In, part 3

“this is something: a map of the dark.”

Here is the third, final and mooniest part of The World Muscles In.

This odd little story was written for a sketchbook. It’s interesting for me to see how things translate from a handwritten, illustrated zine with all its enhanced imagery, to a naked, typed manuscript, and then to audio. The book was lost at sea for a few months, forgot its name and address, fell asleep in a basket and woke up in a cardboard costume in a pile of boxes in Brooklyn. It is traveling round the USA at the moment as part of the ArtHouse Co-op’s Fiction project. I think. I was holding off on posting this because I was hoping to link to the book’s profile, but there seems to be an Impossibility Field around their website. Oh well. Mail is always an act of faith, and code… well, code is a special kind of optimism.

In case you missed them, you can find part one here and part two over here. Thanks again for listening and sharing.

“nothing but hair and beetles.”

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  1. Verity Sanders wrote:

    Speaking of the mail – thankyou so much for your letter and the zine of poems. I didn’t think young people actually used a pen and ink so well anymore (I’m becoming very age-ist – I’m sorry). Your ‘act of faith’ was received and much appreciated.

    Tuesday, July 26, 2011 at 9:31 pm | Permalink