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watching Alice

In a bizarre twist, the town of Alice Springs seems to be right where i left it. Having been gone two months it felt very odd to step off the plane on Friday and into the sunshine and eucalyptus smell of a place I used to call home (and am still deeply loyal to). After a weekend in Tennant Creek running a blogging workshop with the kick-ass Barkly writers, I am slipping back into Alice mode, writing and talking about the place as if i never left. The PM showed up on Tuesday, which gave me some extra work- see my piece in New Matilda – and I have been wandering around like half a local, observing minor changes here and there. It is funny, having come and gone so often, how easy it feels to be back in that process of dislocated belonging, of leaving and returning.

It is grey and dismal this week and I am rugged up at a mate’s house, getting ready for the short story workshop I am running in town on Saturday. For anyone in Alice who writes or is interested in writing it’s $120/$90/$75 (member concession etc) and will be an all day thing with a focus on crafting short stories. I am honestly looking forward to working with a group, as the insights of others always improve my own writing too, and having missed the creative writing education system (i was a political science major) i do enjoy the discursive process and find that it can be a lot of fun. So do come along if you are about.

it’s Saturday, 11 June
at the Multicultural Hub in the mall
9:30-4 (with a lunch break)

Anyone who wants to come should do so, book through NT Writers : alice@ntwriters.com.au, and feel encouraged to bring something you want to work on.