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May-June fiction podcast: The World Muscles In

For the first time, I present you with a blog-exclusive podcast! It is not going to be published anywhere because it is only available in a single, hand-illustrated sketchbook/zine I made. There is one copy of this zine and (fool that i am) i trusted international mail with it. It is now floating around somewhere in the Americas as part of the Arthouse Co-op’s fiction project. You can’t find it online there because their website and my contact details have been undergoing some serious tweaking, but hopefully before the third instalment of this podcast is out i will be able to provide a link.

A few things about this story. It is long, so this podcast is coming in three separate instalments. The idea at the heart of it, of mapping one’s dreams, is one which I almost abandoned as a story, but came back to recently when I was purging myself of some old idea baggage. I actually tried mapping my dreams for a year in case i wanted to write the story – i still have the result, a patchwork atlas of my subconscious. (it’s personal.)

The World Muscles In is also an experiment in that it uses a circular narrative structure, which involved more confusing mapping and something i can only describe as mental origami. It is not autobiographical but it carries the weight of some recent preoccupations, as stories tend to; in this case, ideas about gender, authorship, authenticity, and ownership.

Something else new: at the end of it I ask for money. Please don’t feel that you can’t keep listening and downloading these podcasts for free. But if you enjoy them and you can afford it, why not use that ‘support’ button in the sidebar? It will make you feel very, very good.

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