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guatemala is very pretty – all these tropical rivers, hot springs and waterfalls make me miss the top end of the NT. this is exactly the kind of attitude you don’t want to be sporting when you’re a long way from home, but i can’t help it. i am so looking forward to going back to australia in just over three weeks.

i’m only in guatemala for a few more days, and have pushed myself into a ball right up the end of it, on the tiny bit of caribbean coast squished between belize and honduras, neither of which countries i can be bothered visiting. this town, livingston, is cool in a ‘what country is this supposed to be’ sort of way. it reminds me of cuba, in that everyone is afro-caribbean (and calls me baby, much to my scowling irritation. damn humourless gringa). the sun is warm, the beach is full of rubbish and dirty nappies, you have to take a boat to get here, and when you do everyone tries to sell you weed.

i have been a little remiss in updating this blog since the fidgety book details got out of the way enough that i could avoid being online for days at a time. to fill in the blanks, butterflies then… back to oaxaca… there was a book fair and i went to see paul auster and siri hustveldt speak… then went back to san cristóbal to visit and poke sticks at the zapatistas (not literally)

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who fell asleep in their balaclavas while i was asking them detailed questions about their decision making processes like a good anarchanerd

and little buses across the border, oh these manic land border marketplaces, and the famous guatemalan 1970s US school buses… landed in xela, it was dark there was a marathon and some hot springs. i wrote a poem about radishes

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and went to lago de atitlan and got lost in the hills among coffee beans and noisy blue corn seeking a path up the mountain but it didn’t want to be climbed

antigua was a bit stupid but the coffee was good and i went to a human rights film festival and climbed a volcano with actual molten lava that i got close enough to poke with a stick (literally. the stick went on fire and i felt like harry potter)

blue corner
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after that lanquin, semuc champey, climbing round in caves and over limestone river pools, thinking about kakadu, admiring giant caterpillars and one of the most beautiful national parks i have seen

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then rio dulce, boatie paradise, did nothing, got boat to here

is that all? i’m sure i’ve done other stuff. it just looks a lot like lying around and reading. and being annoyed by backpackers. was i really ever twenty-one, obnoxiously drunk, and desperately interested in saving the world?

well, the nature is pretty cool. it’s still worth a shot i guess.